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About Glen-ray RadiatorsRay Schirmer began his long career of radiator repair in 1955 in Chicago under the tutelage of Ervin Schirmer at Three Arrow Radiator. In 1964, with his wife Carolyn and two young sons -- Raymond Jr (R.C.) and Robert (Bob) -- in tow, Ray left Chicago to open his own radiator repair shop here in Wausau, WI. Since the first day of business in a tiny backroom shop those many years ago, brothers Ray and Glen Schirmer -- Glen-ray -- have repaired, re-cored or restored practically every make, model or application of radiator you could possibly imagine in our full-service heating and cooling specialty facility. Ray and his sons are still going strong today!

After many years of attending classic car shows, seeing the condition and often sad status of our own customers' original radiators, as well as other radiators that had been "repaired" or "restored" by other radiator repair shops, we realized there was not only a need but a necessity for a far higher level of restoration for all classic Chrysler muscle car radiators. Our own personal road to the ideal restoration of these radiators was arduous and bumpy, but through our trials and tribulations we not only feel, but we believe we offer the strongest overall appearance, the highest quality, and the most durable original radiator restorations available anywhere.

For those of you that do not have a numbers-matching original radiator or would prefer not to send your original radiator out for restoration, we also offer our officially licensed 26" Chrysler reproduction radiators for big- and small-block powered cars. Two core variations are available, and we can build them to any specifications depending upon your car's cooling requirements.

From time to time, we have original Chrysler radiators in-house and available to be restored. We also restore, rebuild or re-core radiators for a wide variety of classic cars and trucks regardless of make, model or year. If it has a radiator in it...we can help you put a better radiator in it. Remember...Glen-ray was founded in 1964...not 2004.

Please feel free to contact us with any radiator questions or needs you may have.

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