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Heater Core Restoration

When the heater core is received, we disassemble the unit, check the date code (if someone really wants to know), and bead blast the tanks and steel mounting plate. At this point we cut a new piece of heater core stock and assemble it with your tanks and plate. After it has been assembled, we caulk around the steel plate to heater core area to keep any air from bypassing the core. So when you want heat in your car, the air doesn't sneak through the openings around the core, thus not giving you all the heat you possibly could get.

Prices do vary, so please call for a quote on your project.

Heater Restoration

E-Body Heater Core, with A/C
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Example Heater Cores

61 Chrysler 300 Heater Core

1961 Chrysler 300

62-65 B-Body Heater Core

1962-65 B-Body

66-70 B-Body with A/C Heater Core

1966-70 B-Body with A/C

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