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How to Ship a Radiator

Radiator TopBelow are instructions for shipping your radiator core safely and securely. We have found over the years that if you follow these steps - even though it involves a little extra effort - you will protect your valuable radiator, and save yourself the aggravation of dealing with a damaged radiator.

  • Get a box approximately 2" larger than the radiator all the way around (a flat panel TV box works well).
  • Pad the bottom of the box with whatever cushioning you can find (Styrofoam from your new TV, air cushions, old expandable form bags, lots of crumpled up newspaper).
  • Slide the radiator into the box and fill the sides with the same types of packing.
  • Try to center the radiator in the box as best as you can, and put extra packing over the hose connections.
  • If we are going to use your existing core, slide in an extra sheet of cardboard in front and back to help prevent punctures.
  • Finish by packing the top tank with as much padding as you can get in the box.

Hints: If a side frame gets a little bent, no big deal. It's steel and we can straighten it out and can never tell it was ever bent. If the bottom tank gets extra dents, again not a real big deal, we straighten it out as best as we can and the lower radiator support shield covers it. If the top tank gets damaged, it is a big deal. As good as I am with straightening, I can still tell where I straightened. If it gets a big crease in the top tank, you still may be able to see it after the restoration is completed and painted. So get enough packing on that top tank.

For return shipping, we use a double-wall box made specifically for our radiators. The radiator is put in a plastic bag and expandable foam bags are used on all 4 corners to ensure it arrives to you in mint shape. We bag the radiator in case the expanding foam bag bursts. All radiators come with correctly marked mounting bolts, fan shroud attaching hardware, hose clamps and the correct overflow hose. Reproductions also come with a reproduction radiator cap.

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